We have to . . .

Over the next year and a half, all of us have to donate to political candidates, “get out the vote” organizations, stop gerrymandering organizations and others dedicated to causes that are important to us.

Times have changed around us. The Citizens United decision, delivered by the Roberts court in 2010,  has unleashed a flood of dark money from a handful of people and that money is delivered across state borders, in every state in the union. A good place to look at the public information about political donations is Follow the Money but it is difficult to navigate.

There are literally millions and millions of us and if we all contribute a little, we can put out candidates in office.

On a personal level . . .

Eugene Lang, the man who promised to send hundreds of Harlem students to college in 1981, said

“Giving should not be mechanical. It should be the fruit of one’s feeling, love and sense of responsibility. Giving is not giving back. There is no quid pro quo. Giving is self-fulfillment.”

Don’t feel a need to donate a lot. A token of support, combined with thousands of other tokens of support, can become a huge overall contribution to an organization.


Rooster today has a section on donating and supporting that focuses primarily on organizations.