We, the Baby Boomer generation, have a great opportunity before us. Each of us, individually and collectively, can contribute to ensuring fair, honest, representative elections throughout the US by donating and supporting “get out the vote” efforts in every state. We are especially dedicated to supporting younger people who are the next leaders of our country.

Our mission, here, is to provide you with specific information about

  • who/where to donate
  • timing of upcoming elections
  • candidates to support
  • talking points on issues.

We support democracy, the rule of law and, in this day and age, Democratic candidates. There may be wonderful, capable individuals in the Republican party but we don’t know who they are because the entire party has gone silent, except for enabling and supporting Donald Trump. We cannot rely on that party to stand up for us and need to ensure a “blue tidal wave” so we can re-establish the norms of a democratic nation.